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Farmers Market at Rancho Viejo.

Rancho Viejo Farmers Market is a wonderful place to visit at the Rio Grande Valley. This was my first time I visited the Market and boy what unique things they have! Although I have visited other Farmers Market such as the one in San Antonio, but this market had different products. As always I am glad to see my great friend Celia who is a wonderful Chef and has her own restaurant in Brownsville called La Escondida.

Kettle Popcorn MY FAVORITE!! I love the little "house" which had that old vintage look. What counts is the delicious popcorn!

As we "My wife and two kids" walked around the market, we met some wonderful people! This couple have an old family 95 year old recipe of jam with habanero. Wow DELICIOUS! Here is their Facebook page.


Ok... give them a call and order their DELICIOUS POTATOES! It is soaked with lime and other ingredients that it will leave you wanting more! You will not be disappointed.

View their Facebook here.


These are my friends Celia and Beatrice. Mother and Daughter with a unique cooking that will satisfy all your taste buds! I suggest you visit her at her restaurant La Escondida.


This is Angel, a young talented artist. He has painted for about two years and I tell you... WOW. You can view his work on Instagram.

I met a lot more vendors at Farmers Market and each one of them has unique things. If you ever visit the Valley.... spare some time and visit Farmers Market Rancho Viejo. To keep updated click and like their Facebook Page.

I leave you with a photo gallery of all the pictures I took.

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