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Photo Restoration:

We cherish the past memories and preserve our roots for they to grow with our new generations. Here at JPaulus, we restore any damaged photo of your beloved ones. 

My price range varies from the size of the image and the damage inflicted on.

Minor repairs would cost around $50.00 "Scratches, minor stains etc"

If the images needs more repairs such as water damage, patch up details. - $125.00 to $200.00

If the image is torn or in a BAD condition, then it would cost over $200.00

Please message us and submit your image to get a quote for PHOTO COLORIZATION "prices vary". 

After the photo is restored, you will receive your digital.
If you want additional prints, the cost will be the same as our price sheet.


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Tips before uploading:

1: Make sure all dust is removed.

​2: Use a scanner. If using a digital camera, make sure you use a tripod to prevent a blurred image.

3: Taking pictures from your phone will reduce quality.

El Caballero.jpg
Vintage Mother and Son.jpg
1940s Handsome Baby Boy.jpg
The Bride.jpg
Traditional Mexican Quinceanera.jpg
A Portrait from the Past.jpg
Past Present.jpg
15 Year Old WW2.jpg
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